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Human Performance Outliers Podcast

Aug 23, 2023

Andy Glaze is an avid ultramarathon runner and Fire Chief. For 180 weeks and counting, he has ran at least 100 miles. This includes many 200+ mile weeks, including one where he completed a 100 mile race and a 250 mile race with only one day in between. 


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Aug 14, 2023

For this episode, I examine ways you can practice the mental side of racing in your training and daily life. 


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Aug 9, 2023

Debbie Potts joined the show to discuss some topics around low carbohydrate endurance training and fueling. Debbie Potts has been a podcast host for over ten years and currently is the host of ‘The Low Carb Athlete Podcast’ show and YouTube channel where she interviews experts and shares her experiments. She has...

Aug 3, 2023

For this episode, I describe how to go about approaching race intensity when setting up your running program. This may help better understand perceived effort, and create an understanding that will allow for building in more variables to future training sessions.


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