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Human Performance Outliers Podcast

Jul 12, 2024

Joe and I unpack what we thought about this year's Western States Endurance Run, including reported fueling strategies, heat mitigation, competitive pressure, and shoe tech. We also touched on some other performances, including Jenny Hoffman's 24 Hour at Six Days in the Dome, and Megan Eckert hitting 526.301 miles in...

Jun 28, 2024

Philip Calder is Head of the School of Human Development and Health and Professor of Nutritional Immunology in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton. He is an internationally recognized researcher on the metabolism and functionality of fatty acids, with an emphasis on the roles of omega-3 fatty acids, and...

Jun 25, 2024

Jae Gruenke from The Balanced Runner believes good running form means using your body the way it really works rather than fighting to move it some other way. For this episode we unpack a few topics related to pain free running. They include: Pros/Cons of Feldenkrais Method, how shoe type can impact running form, the...

Jun 20, 2024

For this episode I break down my recent 100 mile at the Pettit Center, where I completed the distance in 11 hours 51 minutes (7:07/mi). Some topics include:

  • Training: workout focus progression, training races, speed work focus

  • Event strengths and weaknesses

  • Event day nutrition 

  • Setting up crew

  • Caffeine...

Jun 10, 2024

For this episode, I outline in detail how I currently program my strength training routine.