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Human Performance Outliers Podcast

Feb 25, 2019

Welcome to the Human Performance Outliers Podcast with hosts Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter. For this episode, we welcome Dr. Mark Cucuzzella onto the show. Mark is an Air Force Reserve lieutenant colonel, practices family medicine in Ranson and Martinsburg, West Virginia. He is a professor at the West Virginia University School of Medicine and conducts Healthy Running Medical Education courses. He has run competitively for almost four decades, with more than one hundred marathon and ultramarathon finishes, and he continues to compete as a national-level masters runner with an active streak of thirty straight years under a three-hour marathon. Cucuzzella owns the first minimalist running and walking store, Two Rivers Treads, in his hometown of Shepherdstown, West Virginia. He is the author of, "Run for Your Life."
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Articles and Sites Mark Mentioned:

Eat Lancet blog:

My survey study of 1500 on LC diets:

Minnesota Starvation study....what happens when you eat 1500 cals for 24 wks:

Lipid patterns on LC diets (two attached papers): and

LC diets and effect on CAC:

My butter burning story:

Resource page from Run For Your Life book website w lots of stuff on running and nutrition:

Tendinopathy as metabolic disease Maffulli:

Sugar free hospital Salon article:

MAF site:

Two Rivers Treads Page: