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Human Performance Outliers Podcast

Apr 20, 2018

Welcome to the Human Performance Outliers Podcast! Your hosts, Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter, are here to explore the outer limits of performance with interviews, Q&As, and interesting topics related to nutrition and performance. In episode 5, we speak to Dr. Peter Ballerstedt who has extensive experience in forage agronomy, agriculture, and ruminants. He was the Forage Extension Specialist at Oregon State University from 1986 to 1992. His personal experience led him to study human diet and health. What he’s learned doesn’t agree with low-fat-is healthy dietary advice we’ve been given for more than 30 years. This understanding, combined with his forage background, has given him an interest in the truly
sustainable forms of agriculture – those including ruminant animals. 

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